pelle per automotive


An automotive with a leather interior will always be a prestigious car. In addition to being beautiful, the interior upholstery of the automotive must also offer guarantees in terms of functionality. The automotive upholstery leather is certainly fascinating, but the extended action of the sun’s rays filtering through the windscreen, rear window and windows or the inevitable friction that occurs when climbing up and down from the car is enough to quickly wear out the upholstery.

pelle per automotive


To avoid these problems, it is necessary to opt for a quality leather. Like the leathers proposed by Lealpell for automotive, which are the result of a work of the utmost care and attention. Thanks to a specialized processing, both in the colouring phase and in the finishing, Lealpell automotive leathers ensure an excellent resistance to light and friction. The use of special greases, specific pigments for the automotive sector and particularly high-performance fixatives are just some of the materials used during the processing of the leathers used to upholster cars. As a result, this type of leather has outstanding technical qualities, with the aim of offering maximum comfort and, at the same time, ensuring the durability of the upholstery over time.

Lealpell automotive leathers are available in 436 different colours, with the added possibility of customizing the colour according to the customer’s needs and creating specific quilts. The items with the highest technical characteristics are distinguished by their obvious texture or embossing and include some of the company’s leading products. As a selection criterion, automotive leathers are subdivided according to thickness:

  • 9-1.02 mm
  • 3-1.6 mm
  • 8-2. mm

To guarantee resistance, elegance and comfort: the fundamental requirements for a prestige automotive.