Meeting the needs of customers is the hallmark of companies that stand out as leaders in their field of reference. Like our company, which has adopted a philosophy whereby customization is a fundamental pillar. We offer our customers the opportunity to customize every detail of the leather ordered from the company, for example by embossing designs on the product from designs proposed by the same customers.

To make it easier to customize the leather in the best way that suits their needs, in addition to traditional sampling, we have recently created the Silver Box for our customers, a new collection that includes the entire range of possible processes applicable to the items on sale, while offering numerous possibilities of customization.

We are able to make the purchased items unique thanks to many different processes, offering full custom leathers: from the classic embossed process – which includes a wide range of available designs – to engraving, a very unique technique which, thanks to micro cuts made on the surface of the leather that makes it possible to obtain different effects such as velvet or reptile scales. There are also other very original processes, such as digital embossing, a solution that allows maximum customization of the leathers by the customer, up to the reproduction of photographs or the hand-painted, that confirms the absolute uniqueness of the item achieved with the help of a team of creative artists.

For us, customization also means a guarantee of quality. For many customers, in fact, customizing an item does not only mean modifying it from an aesthetic point of view but also producing a product that can meet certain requirements, such as fire resistance. For this reason, upon request, we provide customers with the appropriate certifications about the quality and characteristics of the items on sale.

Below are some examples of the processes that we can use to customise our leather, also following your specific indications.