Lealpell is aware of how important it is for a profes-sional, to realize a project that can meet the client’s expectations and maybe overcome them.
For this reason, they were made available to profes-sionals tolls suitable for the purpose, paying particular attention to those who work to design homes, ships, design’s objects, public spaces and commercials one.

Our employees work every day in close contact with professionals, listening to they need and offering the best solution, always searching for the most suitable instruments.


Our semi-finished stock and our know-how, together with the experience of our staff, make it possible for us to produce any counter-samples in just a few days, and after your approval to begin the actual production in full confidence, having already set the various processing stages and defined the colour requirements.


In these pages, you will find a range of tools that will allow you to optimise the use of a range of items and colours that is probably unmatched in terms of quality and quantity.


A complete traditional tool, in just a short time it gives the possibility of viewing the entire collection using the classic colour cards.


New collection showcasing all the types of processes that can be applied to the items included in the Black Box, with endless customising solutions