We offer over 1600 colours, split into over 60 base items, stored on an overall surface of 5,400 sqm. Thanks to such vast area, we can have all the product on tripods, avoiding the age-old problem of folds. The high availability of every single variation means that we can fulfil an order within 24/48 hours. In order to help customers in assessing our products, we have created a showroom where they can view all our collection through finished products such as: padded items, panelling, objects, etc. We also pay the utmost attention to the contract sector, offering a service that goes from the supply of counter-samples, to the subsequent production, including of small quantities, normally required for the production of mock-ups.


After drying, the semi-finished leather is called crust. Having available a large stock of crust leather in a range of items and colours is a big strength. In our warehouse of Arzignano, we always have what is needed to manufacture counter-samples and the productions that follows, both in small and large quantities, within just a few working days. Only a small number of manufacturers can offer this service.