pelle per rivestimento poltrone


Are you about to change your home furnishings? Don’t worry: we have what you need. Specialising in the production and wholesale supply of high-quality leather, we also have leather suitable for upholstering chairs and sofas.


In the furniture sector, cowhide leather is one of the most sought-after materials for covering wardrobes, drawers, beds and, above all, sofas and chairs. Although it is one of the most popular coverings, especially for those who care about furniture that reflects the class and good taste of the owners of the house, many people opt for the fabric while complaining that the leather is too cold in winter and annoying because of the summer heat. Well, although the leathers we use to cover our chairs are of high quality and are processed to ensure maximum comfort, it is useful to know that leather is a material that adapts to the temperature of the environment. It goes without saying that the ideal solution would be to maintain a constant temperature inside the room in which there are leather upholstered furniture.

The leather used for upholstering the chairs can be divided into different types, which differ according to the processing method; the most valuable is full-grain leather. In the tanning sector, the grain is the upper layer of the leather, which is divided from the lower layer (crust); we speak of “full grain” when the grain is not in any way correct (through, for example, a polishing process), thus preserving all the natural characteristics of the leather. The leathers are also distinguished by their thickness, colour and refinement; at our company, leathers for upholstering the processed chairs are available in order to meet all the customers’ needs.