pelli stampate


One of the major concerns expressed by those looking for leather for home furnishings is the possibility of customizing the product you buy from your supplier. Among other items, we also offer embossed leathers, i.e. leathers processed using a technique that enables us to satisfy this specific request from our customers.

With over 4000 different types of design available, we offer a wide range of possibilities to create an item perfectly suited to the taste of the customer. Achieving the leather embossing is a complex procedure: the embossing of the designs on the leather, as a matter of fact, is done through the combined action of pressure and heat and is accomplished through the use of metal plates. Since the latter has a size of about 90×130 cm, both on the mid-leather and on the entire leather, when the work is finished, slight marks will be visible due to the overlapping of the embossing lines. A detail that in any case does not affect the aesthetics of the item: most of the proposed designs, in fact, are specifically designed to conceal the markings left by the plates, thus making the final effect not only more realistic but also aesthetically striking.

pelli stampate


Before choosing an embossed leather, you should know that the final result of the manufacturing process varies according to the quality of the leather chosen. For example, if you choose an aniline-finished leather, the colour will tend to darken, thus creating a two-tone effect, which some people may like but others, on the contrary, might find unpleasant from an aesthetic point of view.

As far as delivery times are concerned, for embossed leather, we can guarantee you will receive the finished product within three weeks of placing your order. However, the delivery time can be extended to up to two months if the customer requests the production of a new embossing frame, something that we envisage to satisfy every request.