The textile, fashion and tanning sectors, together with the food sector, are the most famous examples of the success of Made in Italy has in the world. As a matter of fact, over the years, the Italian tanning sector has become a genuine excellence on a national and international level. This is due not only to the high quality of the raw material, with selected cowhides, but also to the meticulous processing, which is the result of a long-standing and extensive experience acquired in the sector by the operators.

Tanning, moreover, has always been a sector of pride for the Italian economy: the aesthetic taste, together with leathers that are extraordinary in terms of performance from the point of view of “longevity” and resistance, has represented the fundamental component for the success of Italian leathers in the world.

The leathers we are offering are no exception: all the company’s products, in fact, are made with 100% Italian leather.  And although some products use raw leather from other European countries, all the leather processing phases are carried out in the best Italian tanneries.

Beautiful and functional, the leathers available in our company are concrete evidence that even a by-product of the food chain, such as cowhide, can be refined to the point of becoming an essential element for coverings and furnishing accessories that symbolize class, elegance and good taste.

Italian leather is therefore synonymous with quality and excellence: to notice this, just go through the types of leather included in our catalogue. Each item is made with the utmost care, to offer customers a high quality product and exclusively Made in Italy.